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First, let me clear a few things right from the start.

Keeps main difference is that it offers a complete service. They have their own shampoo and conditioner, but they are an addon to the main 2 products they sell.

So Keeps is more like a subscription to receive the two most popular hair loss products on the market – Finasteride & Minoxidil.

This is not an affiliated review. I don’t promote the product or have any interest in selling it!

What’s the Price of Keeps?

You have 3 options on their website, to get both Finasteride & Minoxidil, or separately.

Keeps price packages

For the price of $60 (with the active discount)

The price looks reasonable. If you make quick research, you’ll find out that Minoxidil 5% is sold for around $40 for a 3-Month Supply.

The more interesting case is Finasteride, which is a prescription-only medication in most of the countries (at least in the EU). Its price sits around $20 (for 30 capsules).

So in short – you’ll have to take Finasteride for years to keep its effect, and if your stop the effect will be gone in several days.

Read the official Finasteride label information here.

Now think about it. Do you want to take a prescription drug for 10, 15, 20 years?

Finasteride was first noticed to regrow and stop hair loss during tests with prostate cancer patients.

Then it started to sell out separately, mostly in 5mg and 1mg dosages.

Side effects are still being reported, including lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, and reduced sperm count.

You will start to take it to get girls in the first place, but you’ll now have a bigger problem with girls…the irony. 😀

Do you know? There is a natural herb alternative to Finasteride, and it’s called Saw Palmetto.

I don’t recommend you to take finasteride, no matter how bad you want your hair back. It’s not worth the damage you will cause to your whole system in the long run.

Yes, it works, but it reminds me of corticosteroids -effective, but if you stop you go back to your previous state. And while you take this medicine the side effects to your main organs are way big of a price to pay.

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